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Permanent Laser Inscription Identification

In the event you would like to sell back your Diamond to B&E Jewelers, We offer you 80%

refund of the Full Purchase Price of the Diamond, Not including the mounting or sales


*Program is limited to the Following Diamond Cuts:

Round Brilliant  •  Original Radiant  •  Pear Brilliant  •  Marquise Brilliant  •  Sirius Star

Engagement center Diamonds are marked with a High-Tech Laser Engraving by the issuing Laboratory with its unique serial number.

This adds a high level of protection that facilitates easy identification of your Diamond.
Ask a sales associate for details.

​We buy direct from DeBeers™ Sightholders (Diamond Cutters) which means there is no middleman “wholesaler” markup and that translates to lower prices for you.

Diamond Repurchase Program*

Our trade in program:

     You will receive 100% of the full original purchase price of the Diamond in 
store credit.
     Your credit may be used toward any Jewelry item, Not limited to Diamonds.    
     You may use your credit to upgrade your diamond, and you are not required to spend
     *Program is limited to the Following Diamond Cuts: 

Round Brilliant  •  Original Radiant  •  Pear Brilliant  •  Marquise Brilliant  •  Sirius Star

The B&E Diamond Experience

Engagement Diamonds 0.50ct. and larger are accompanied with a report by one of the following laboratories:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

  • American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL)

  • European Gemological Laboratory USA (EGL-USA)​

These laboratories follow strict U.S. Grading standards.

For the purpose of comparison B&E does not recognize nor accept certification from:

  • EGL-International

  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)

  • Accredited Gem Appraisers (AGA)

These laboratories do not follow strict U.S. standards.

Lifetime Trade Program*

Laboratory Reports - Assures Accurate Diamond Grading