About Us

At B&E Jewelers, we understand that each piece of jewelry represents something special in the life of its recipient. Whether it honors the commitment of a lifetime such as a diamond engagement or anniversary ring, or is a pleasant reminder of a vacation or a hobby such as a Rembrandt Charm. Big or small it’s all important to you and to us. We want to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that will become a keepsake in your family for generations.

B&E Jewelers is family owned and operated specializing in high-quality jewelry, service, and customer satisfaction. We have been serving Southampton and Philadelphia for over 40 years. In the winter of 2004 we moved from Northeast Philadelphia to our beautiful, convenient, new location in the heart of Southampton.

Credibility Is About Choice

When it comes down to questions of credibility, whether it’s in the jewelry business or our personal lives, it’s always a matter of choice. Our choices let others know who we are, what we value, and whether our customers can trust us.

At B&E, we've made our choice.

“We could sell lower-quality products”, “But we don’t believe that the customer would have a long-term appreciation for what they buy. So if all you are looking for is a low price, there’s always somewhere to find it. But if you’re looking for the best value, then we definitely have you covered.”

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

– Benjamin Franklin

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Call us at (215) 322-0100 to find out how we’ll quickly become your family jeweler.